Mrs Gibson and Red class students

Mavambo Learning Centre (MLC) is an informal acceleration learning centre, which offers accelerated literacy and numeracy education program to illiterate orphan and vulnerable.

Accelerated literacy and numeracy education program is a fast track program that has to be as diversified as possible to quickly obtain the much needed positive results such that the children can be integrated in formal schools.

Among the strategies used by MLC tutors, educational tours are some of the strategies which have yielded exceptionally well results. Site visits are more important as they enhance the knowledge of students and can help them to see the clear picture of the theoretical things they have learnt or will learn in the future.

Educational tours do not only educate, but even prove to be an excellent medium for developing long-lasting relationships new experiences that hopefully broaden their horizons.

Miss Mukwada and the Green Class

Over the past few years, MLC students have been going to educational tours as a way to realise children’s maximum potential which in return has been a major boost to their learning curriculum.

Tatenda Mukwada, one of the MLC teachers hailed the introduction of site tours as it enlightens the kids other avenues of life they could not have experienced and this will keep the pupils eager to come to school.

Educational tours have allowed students to bond as classmates and this will drive their zeal to come to school on a daily bases without any hustle.

You can easily notice their morale and excitement could be different compared to the mood before the trip,’ she explained.

MLC students having lunch

Since the education process has to be accelerated for the pupils to be integrated to formal school, educational tours at MLC are more of a mobile classroom for students as the students move from one point interacting and while they have fun sessions which are more of visual lessons with a lasting memory.

Mukwadu also explained how the visuals of the recent trip  to Mwanga Lodge had a positive change to the students ability to grasp concepts easily.

Mark the student and Mark the lion

‘After the Mwanga tour, we had a lesson on animal sounds, animals and their young ones it was easy for them to relate with the real animals they saw and the sounds they produce hence we could easily get each pupil to understand as it serves as a revision to them,’ said Mukwadu.

Mwanga Trip was a defining moment where pupils and teachers could see each other from an alternate perspective, expanding correspondence between them normally, for instance some pupils can be ignored in class since they could be calm however everybody was alive as toward the end the educators could understand abilities of pupils.

The only challenge during the trip was some of  the students were afraid of the fierce animals.