Mavambo Orphan Care (MOC)’s Internal Savings and Lending (ISAL) groups are heavily beneficial as development schemes; ensuring those involved have absolute control over each aspect of their group, as they are the individuals responsible for creating and deciding upon their constitution.

The ISAL also works as a safe, affordable and trustworthy means of watching income multiply.

The only real requirement needed for an ISAL to be successful is the participation of all members within the group!

Peter Kaseke lives with his wife Chipo and their four children in Munyawiri, Domboshava.

The household is grateful for being introduced to one of MOC’s programs which is under Household Economic Strengthening popularly known as “mukando’ in the vernacular.

Before MOC’s engagement with the household, the household struggled to make ends meet.

“I was never able to acquire enough money to cater for basic needs. I was unable to pay school fees for my children to stay in school. At times I had to ask from relatives and friends and this drove me into debts that I could not pay off. From the moment Mavambo Orphan Care engaged me into their programs, I began to see changes that came slowly but surely. I was trained on ‘Mukando’ (Internal Savings and lending ISAL) which greatly transformed my life,” Peter said.

Peter and his wife were able to acquire birth certificates for all of their children, pay school fees, buy kitchenware and buy basic food stuffs through proceeds they gathered from Mukando.


Peter’s wife Chipo said that she also saw the benefits of MOC’s programs like the Families Matter! Program which enabled her to be open about different issues that her children would ask.

Once her daughter asked her why she had breast and her daughter did not.

She mentioned how in the past a question like that would have been answered by hush words but instead she was able to explain without using hush words or hitting the child.

She began to see changes in her children’s behavior and also how they were able to talk to her freely about issues they came across such as puberty and HIV/AIDS.

Chipo also joined an ISAL group after she had been inspired by the benefits she saw from her husband’s ISAL group.

There was a time when she was just a housewife, who did not have any independent source of income. er husband’s income was not enough to make ends meet and she was unable to supplement it.

Now that Chipo has a source of income, she is now able to supplement Peter’s efforts toward the betterment of their household, thus, moving it to become stable. Stability at home is vital for all children. Unstable households can cause children to become involved in things like Prostitution whereby they end up contracting some sexually transmitted infections including Human Immunodeficiency Virus and other delinquent behaviors. Basically, it is usually harder for one to get his or her life on track when they do not have the consistent support from their caregiver.

In this case, Peter and Chipo work hard to meet expected and unexpected needs.

The family has since started building a two bed-roomed house which they hope to finish by year end.