Library Name: Sr. Kathleen Barbee Blue Lupin Community Library


Currently, children in the area are experiencing reduced access to basic social services such as education, health care, food, family care and support. As a result, getting children’s books to read and sending them to school is not a priority for the majority. In order to address the myriad of educational problems faced by children living in the high density suburbs of Mabvuku, Tafara and Caledonia, Mavambo Trust established a library. The Library enhances performance of vulnerable children in schools by improve access to new curriculum textbooks and other resources such as kindle readers, internet and remote learning platforms such as Rachel Plus. The library is well resourced with materials for reading for pleasure for all ages (in and out of school) and tertiary education.

Mavambo realised that Caledonia, Mabvuku and Tafara is a semi-literate community of people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.  Zimbabwe is faced by difficult situation, with over 10% never been to school and 30% never completed primary education (Ministry of Education Mid-term Report, 2011). Functional literacy is achieved by those who at least participate in education up to grade 7 (complete primary school cycle). In light of this the library is helping children, youth and adults to access essential reading materials. Children are accessing books that improve their literacy levels and better prepare them for public examinations. Vulnerable children could not afford the library fee charged for accessing the libraries elsewhere. .

The library was officially opened on the 13th of May 2016 by the Right Reverend Archibishop of Harare Archdiocese, Robert Christopher Ndlovu. The Age group 10-14 year olds constitute a highest number of adolescents who visit the facility and with more boys (60%). The Sr. Kathleen Barbee Blue Lupin Community Library’s main objective is to promote a reading culture among the Mavambo Learning Centre learners who use the library at least once a week and the entire community of Mabvuku, Tafara and Caledonia.


The Library offers different activities such as reading, quiz, story writing / essay competitions and chess club to mobilise users to the library. The competitions are done twice or thrice per year.. They are awarded prize money for the 3 outstanding winners from early childhood to advanced level. Chess sessions are on-going for all age groups. Chess tournaments and competitions are also organised with different schools and clubs.


Currently the library is charging USD$1 per term for subscribers from ECD to Advanced Level, and USD$1 per month for adults. WIFI services is also available for a nominal fee of USD$1 per 2 hours. The Mavambo Orphan Care beneficiaries use the library free of charge.

Operating Hours

The Library operates on Monday to Friday 09:00hours to 16:00 hours and Saturdays: 09:00hours – 14:00hours

It is closed on Sundays and Public holidays