IMG_6303 Techno park

Concepts like “innovation”, “competition”, “entrepreneurship” are the 21st century building blocks of production.

Mavambo Orphan Care (MOC) has come up with a new technology-based concept – dubbed Technopark – aimed at promoting and enhancing the institution’s skills development program.

The Techno-park Model is a low-cost factory incubator, characterised by an integrated business mock-up comprising of techno-perineurial training and manufacturing.

According to The United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA), a techno park is an initiative which establishes official relations with an organisation or a higher education institution or a research centre, designed to encourage technology-based concerns to start and grow within, providing technology and business skill transfers to the relevant companies effectively.

MOC has partnered with an organisation known as M-Tron™ Africa to carry out this pilot training program.

As part of the MCV project`s provision of family centred comprehensive care, the project supports young women and men between the ages of 15-22 years with skills development trainings.

Non-school going young women and men who fall within the age range above (including graduates of Mavambo Learning Centre) are targeted for training in skills that they will use to earn a living.

Its main objective is to provide a perfect workspace in terms of ambiance and quality to foster healthy and sustainable development-oriented competition among the youth.

In this partnership, the MCV project seeks to work with M-Tron™ Africa through SETA Foundation – Corporate Social Responsibility Division of the same, in setting up technology parks (techno parks) where M-Tron Africa will train young women and men identified for the project in the production and assembling of a selected range of electronic products.

SETA Foundation shares M-Tron Africa’s licensed Intellectual Property (IP) for the design and assembling of electronic products in accordance with a specific production pathway.

 Between 3 – 6 months of hands-on training, the participants are expected to be able to design and assemble the given electronic products.

The techno parks will be designed to be self-funding after the training and set-up stages.

In this partnership, Mavambo Trust will identify young women and men from eligible households for enrolment into this project as well as pay for the skills development.

In pursuit of this endeavour herein explored; the joint project proposed between M-Tron Africa and Mavambo Trust aims at achieving the following SMART objectives

To train at least 15 young women and men for the pilot Techno-park in the design and assembling of energy saving devices following M-Tron Africa’s IP within the first year of Techno-park establishment thereby increasing their practical (hands-on) and entrepreneurial skills

To convert the Techno-parks into fully fledged youth-run enterprises that generate income to be able to meet unexpected household expenses.