MOC Institutional Director handing a certificate to one of the Vocational Skills Development graduates at Silveira House

Mavambo Orphan Care (MOC) supported 234 youths in vocational skills training during FY18.
The 234 youths who are MOC’s beneficiaries, were placed in different institutions namely Young Africa Chitungwiza and Epworth with 90 students, Msasa Industrial Training Center with 43 students and Silveira House with 101 students.
Of the 234 youths enrolled through MOC’s support, there was a total of 138 females.
Vocational skills training is training for a specific career or trade. Vocational training focuses on practical applications of skills learned, and is generally unconcerned with theory or traditional academic skills. A large part of the education in vocational schools is hands-on training.
101 youth supported by MOC graduated at Silveira House on the 14th of September 2018 after training in various vocational courses.
Courses offered and beneficiaries reached in brackets: Hairdressing (18) females, Hotel & Catering (3 males; 17 females), Electronics (10 males; 5 females) dress-making (18 females), electrical installation (14 males; 3 females) and interior decor with (13 females).
Mercy Munhuhwani is one of the 101 students that graduated.
She had been inactive at home always wondering what she could do to aid her family financially.
Her dream was to establish a beauty parlor but she did not have the skills nor the financial capacity to acquire the needed skills.
After practical training in Hairdressing at Silveira house, Mercy now has hope to start her own business as she is now equipped with the basic know-how of the hair industry.
“Mavambo gave us an opportunity to learn life skills. I was fortunate to be chosen and enrolled at Silveira House. I got the opportunity to choose Hairdressing from the various courses that were available. We had quite an experience. We learnt so many new things that we will be able to adopt as we venture into our own businesses,” said Mercy as she smiled with a lit up face.
Mercy is therefore, confident that she will be able to start her own business, which she said would definitely start small.
Mercy also indicated how she is prepared to work extra hard and ensure that the business grows so to aid her family.
“I have learnt to braid, cut, color and lighten hair. I can also wash, treat, retouch and style hair. It’s from these skills that I will base my start and I see myself earning a living rather than sitting at home wondering who will help us.” Says Mercy who explains how the training has raised her confidence and esteem.
For this reason, Mercy is grateful to MOC for the opportunity she received which she described as a ray of hope.
“The skills I have attained are a ray of hope for a brighter future ahead of me. I am going to use them to establish a business for myself and to offer employment and free training opportunities to other young people out there. I am thankful for Mavambo’s support, it will go a long way.” She concluded.

Youths during skills training