When I settled in Goromonzi I had a series of challenges which resulted in my peace of mind being greatly affected,” said  Emma Nyatsambo describing her story.  

Emma Nyatsambo is a 49-year-old woman from the Yaufeli Village Goromonzi. When she moved to Goromonzi with her family she was offered accommodation at a relative’s place who had moved away from the village.

“When I came to Goromonzi I stayed at my aunt’s place who had just relocated, and so It was just fortunate for me that she had a new stand elsewhere, therefore, she sold me her former place though the place had a lot of repairs to be done,” Emma said.

A brave and courageous Emma enrolled for the financial literacy training in the Goromonzi District. Financial Literacy is a model which is taught by Mavambo Children Vana’s (MCV) Economic Strengthening and Livelihoods Department with the funding from PEPFAR through USAID. The model equips caregivers with how to financially sustain their families.

After attending Internal Savings and Lending Communities (ISAL), financial literacy, and value chain sessions, Emma and 11 other women from the Yaufeli village formed an ISAL group in 2019. The women meet every Saturday, adhering to the group’s set guidelines.

The group, named Tabudirira has been thriving throughout the years and embarked on various projects whereby they do income-generating activities that include poultry, detergent making among others. Within the group, there is savings accounts where they contribute $20 and $1 a month social fund.

Through their income-generating initiative, the group bought 1,020 broiler chicks and each member got 92 and enough feed to maturity. This drive was done so that every member would benefit and be empowered from the group’s savings for a constant cash flow.

Through the Tabudirira Group methods of mobilizing financial resources, Emma successfully managed to build a 5 roomed house to a position where it is habitable.  She is proud to have somewhere to call her own place.

“Through the ISAL group, I managed to build a house though it is still under construction. I am happy that my family has a roof over their heads. I have managed to get my 6 children a place to stay and call home.”

Emma is also proud to be one of the people in her community to be regarded as valuable as she soldiers on to fight poverty from all ends.

“Tabudirira Group has brought back my pride as a woman as now I am regarded as one of the financially literate individuals in the community. I have also stepped up, now I’m educating other community members to join and form ISAL groups so that they can also venture into these activities. I’m also proud that I can now pay fees for my children without any challenges at all.” says Emma.