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Mavambo works toward a healthy community

Mavambo Orphan Care’s vision is to establish a healthy self-sustaining community for all children thus empowering children to develop their maximum potential to become socially adjusted, self-sustaining, healthy responsible citizens. Mavambo Orphan Care invests in efforts to improve health of vulnerable children. The first 24 months of life technically denotes the infancy period….

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Grateful for Education support

Educational opportunities can help to promote long-lasting, inclusive economic growth and social cohesion. Successful education and skills policies can empower individuals to reach their maximum potential and enjoy the fruits of their labour, regardless of their circumstances at birth. When one has access to the basic education, one can, therefore, be considered to…

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Stability is Vital

Mavambo Orphan Care (MOC)’s Internal Savings and Lending (ISAL) groups are heavily beneficial as development schemes; ensuring those involved have absolute control over each aspect of their group, as they are the individuals responsible for creating and deciding upon their constitution. The ISAL also works as a safe, affordable and trustworthy means of…

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