Mavambo Orphan Care train caregivers of vulnerable children in internal savings and lending (ISALs) and parenting concepts. ISALs  is a holistic programming approach to increase low household income by providing people, primarily women, with income generating opportunities through access to self-managed savings-led financial services.

Self-selected savings groups of 5-10 people agree to come together regularly. They agree on by-laws, a savings amount, loan terms and interest rates.  Each member contributes the agreed amount into the savings pot.  One or more members borrow from the pooled savings and it is repaid at the next meeting, with interest.  Loan interest and the regular savings contributions accumulate with each meeting until most or all members are borrowing each month. During the course of the project, all these households are expected to establish Income Generating Activities (IGA) which will translate into quality services for OVC. These will be measured by the MER team through longitudinal studies. At the end of the cycle, the accumulated amount is divided equally among group members. Groups are free to wait before starting again, to add more members, to change members or to dissolve the group completely.

These savings groups are monitored by programme staff, Area Facilitators and Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development for the sustainability of the programme.